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almost 6 years ago

Want to connect your things? VT Networks with Sigfox has you covered.

Sigfox connectivity with VT Networks


See your welcome pack this evening to find out how to join the VT Network Startup Programme


Sigfox is a company that provides low bandwidth, wireless networks for connecting sensors and devices that require minimal amounts of data transmission. This Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) or Low-Power Network (LPN) could prove to be a perfect partner for your Ireland Watson IoT hackathon project.

Find out more about Sigfox at their website:
VT Networks is the exclusive operator of the SIGFOX network in Ireland:

Find out how to connect a Sigfox device to IBM Watson IoT:

See how you can create a cloud gateway to convert Sigfox to MQTT:

Or alternatively, call over to the VT hub during the weekend and the guys will help you out!