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almost 6 years ago

Dev Environment Setup Steps

Hi Participants,

It's only 1 big sleep to the Hackathon!!

We recommend you get your development environments up and running prior to the event in order to make the best possible use of your time at the Hackathon.



Step 1: You must be Registered for BlueMix.

  • At the event registration desk in the PorterShed on Friday evening, we will be allocating official IBM Bluemix Promo-Codes, which will extend your time (90 Days) and resources (10 Services, 4GB Memory) on IBM Bluemix.
  NEW!!! Step 2 : Check you can connect to Watson IoT platform.
  • At the hackathon we will be handing out Texas Instruments Sensor tags these connect easily to the Watson IoT platform
  • In advance there is a "Play with your platform now" section that describes how to feed data to bluemix from your own device (Phone, Raspberry Pi)
  Step 3: Install Eclipse (Neon)
  • If you have Mars, then that will run also. 
  Step 4: Install the Maven Plugin for Eclipse
  • Maven is required to build and run some of the sample applications we will work with.
  Step 5: Install CLI Tools for Bluemix, Cloud Foundry and IBM Containers Plugins    Step 6 : Install cURL   Step 7: Test Your Env Setup.   Validates your cloud foundry setup
  • cf login (Supply your username and password to login, You will be prompted to select your org and dev space).
  If you plan on working with Docker images and the IBM Containers offering in Bluemix.
  • cf ic login  (Again supply your credentials to work with your containers)
  Login to BlueMix console (enure your region is set to US South) and create a simple IoT Platform Gateway based on the following recipe.



We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, post on the discussion forum and we'll respond as soon as we can.


Looking forward to seeing you all this Friday!


The Ireland Watson IoT Hackathon Team.