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Getting Started - BlueMix, APIs, Starter Project

Here we will guide you through setting up BlueMix:

BlueMix is IBM's cloud platform.
It has a multitude of templates/boilerplate to get you up and running as quick as possible.

There are a vast array of IBM and Third Party API's including the famous Watson technology.

Sign up for your 30 day free trial here:
Once registered, we will send you a promo code to extend your account (trial extension, more services, larger resource allocation).

Make sure to signup and play around with the BlueMix platform before the event so that you're comfortable with the platform (also to avoid the usually issues that arise during signups).

Once logged in you can view catalog of API's and Templates here (IoT & Watson therein):

If you are looking for a purely PaaS solution then the Cloud Foundry App is perfect:
It supports many languages including Node, ASP, Java, Ruby, Go, Python, Swift, Tomcat, etc
It will guide you through installing the CloudFoundry and BlueMix CLI tools.
From there you will pull down starter code which you can edit and use to start your project.

Check out our developerWorks post for information on learning content:

Happy Hacking!


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