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almost 6 years ago

How will the hackathon be judged

When all the dust settles and the fun stops there are 4 judging criteria for each project.


Each criteria has equal weight and are the what the judges will be using to score each project


1: Innovation/Novelty (25%)
Got the next unicorn? How new and interesting is the idea?


2: Business Case and Pitch presentation (25%)
How well does the team pitch their idea?

  • Pitching starts 12:30 Sunday.
  • 1 minute setup.
  • 4 minute pitch.


3: IBM Cloud Technologies (25%)

How well does the project leverage IBM Watson/Bluemix capabilities?

There must be an application running in Bluemix.

  • Additional marks awarded for projects that actively use Bluemix Services.


4: Completeness (25%)
What % of the Businesss Case is demonstrated by the tecnnology.